Brilliant Names That Mean Light

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  • Cassander

    The name Cassander is a boy's name meaning "light of man". Cassander is the masculine form of Cassandra, and the name of an ancient king of Macedon from the 3rd century BC. It could make a nice... Read More 

  • Chiara

    The name Chiara is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "light, clear". Chiara is a lovely and romantic Italian name that's familiar but not widely used here: a real winner. You might... Read More 

  • Claire

    The name Claire is a girl's name of French origin meaning "bright, clear". Claire is the French form of Clara, a feminine derivation of the Latin masculine name Clarus. The French word for... Read More 

  • Clara

    The name Clara is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "bright, clear". Long relegated to an Olde World backwater, the European-flavored Clara has been speeding up the charts on sleeker sister... Read More 

  • Clarence

    The name Clarence is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "bright". The name of the guardian angel in It's a Wonderful Life is rarely heard the rest of the year because of its studious,... Read More 

  • Claribel

    The name Claribel is a girl's name meaning "bright and beautiful". Claribel improves on its mother name Clarabelle by distancing itself from the clown and the cow.Read More 

  • Clarice

    The name Clarice is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "bright, clear". If you’re a fan of the annual animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you’ll recognize the name of Rudolph’s... Read More 

  • Clarimond

    The name Clarimond is a girl's name meaning "Light of the World". Clarimond is related to the Occitan name Esclarmonde, and is probably the more wearable of the two variations.

    ... Read More 

  • Clarinda

    The name Clarinda is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "bright, clear". A poetic name first used in Edmund Spenser's "The Faerie Queene" in 1596, it had a literary vogue in the 18th century,... Read More 

  • Clarissa

    The name Clarissa is a girl's name of German, Latin origin meaning "bright, clear". Clarissa, the daintier version of Claire, has a long literary history of its own, having been featured in the... Read More 

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