American Girl Names

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  • Atlanta

    Georgia and Savannah are already popular, but Atlanta is just entering the baby-name map. Atalanta takes it mythological.Read More 

  • Bayou

    A slow and sultry southern choice that's definitely cool for babies of either gender. While the word feels French and has its roots in 18th century French Louisiana, it derives from the Choctaw... Read More 

  • Beyonce

    You know who Beyonce is. One of the most famous people in the world. When she was born, her name was truly unique; it was a riff on her mom's maiden name, Biyence, with an accent over the final... Read More 

  • Brielle

    Though it sounds so modern, Brielle is, among other things, a traditional Cajun contraction of Gabrielle, but it has now spread far beyond that community. Brielle is also the name of a historic... Read More 

  • Brooklynn

    This extra-N variation is hot on the tails of mega popular Brooklyn and takes it a bit further from the New York borough.Read More 

  • Bryleigh

    Combining popular names Brynn and Ryleigh produced a new name that has ranked in the Top 1000 since 2010, never surpassing the top mark set at Number 841 in 2013. Trendiness personified. ... Read More 

  • Cailin

    While the Cailin spelling doesn't appear on popularity charts, other forms such as Kaylin and Kaylen do, along with several similar names, from Caitlin to Jalen to Kayla. The result: a name that... Read More 

  • Carolina

    Languid, romantic, and classy, this variation heats up Caroline and modernizes Carol, adding a southern accent.

    Pronounced Caro-LINE-a in English-speaking countries, it is heard as... Read More 

  • Caylee

    Caylee was the third fastest-rising name in 2009 and peaked then at Number 263, but has since dropped in the charts, perhaps due to the Caylee Anthony association.Read More 

  • Cherokee

    Cherokee is the name of a Native American tribe, the largest in the United States stretching from North Carolina through Oklahoma. The meaning of the word Cherokee is uncertain: It may be Choctaw... Read More 

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