Names That Mean Ruler or Royal

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  • Zariah

    The name Zariah is a girl's name of Arabic, Hebrew, Nigerian origin. Zariah has three possible origins: the Arabic ‘Zara’ which means ‘flower’, the Hebrew name ‘Azaria’, meaning ‘God has helped’,... Read More 

  • Zarouhi

    The name Zarouhi is a girl's name of Armenian origin meaning "princess". An entrancing, beguiling name that goes far to freshen up Sarah.Read More 

  • Zella

    The name Zella is a girl's name of African origin meaning "lacking nothing, one who knows the way". This is an African name that would fit into any culture. Read More 

  • Zeno

    The name Zeno is a boy's name of Greek origin. Zeno, the name of two ancient philosophers, has a muscular dynamism that's lightened by its cheerful final vowel, resulting in a kind of offbeat... Read More 

  • Zolten

    The name Zolten is a boy's name meaning "Sultan; ruler". Zolten is a variant spelling of Zoltan, which is currently in the Top 50 in Hungary, its country of origin. We recommend you stick with... Read More 

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