International Variations of Julia

Julia is one of the most classic baby girl names, one that has a wide range of appealing variations around the world. Many of the most familiar international variations of Julia have become popular names in their own right, such as the French Juliette and Spanish Juliana. Julia still remains the most common form of the name, although it is experiencing a decline in popularity.

Along with Juliette and Juliana, other international variations of Julia in the US Top 1000 include Julianna, Juliet, Julieta, Julie, Julissa, and Giuliana. Attractive international options worth exploring include Giulia — a top choice in ItalyIoulia, Uliana, and Xiana.

Julia derivative Julie was once more popular than the original. It now feels like a mom — or even grandma! — name; a far cry from its meaning of “youthful.” French variation Juli is fresher.

An international variation of Julia can be a creative and stylish way to honor a Julia, Julie, or Julian in your life or an option for finding uncommon names with historical roots. Take a look at our Julia variants from around the world, below.
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