Names to Substitute for Josephine

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Josephine is definitely not overused, but now that it’s among the Top 100 baby names it might be too common for your taste. Popularity aside, Josephine has many great qualities — French roots, vintage charm, and a dose of quirkiness. Many girl names share these traits with Josephine — perfect if you’re searching for alternatives for any reason.

Along with fellow French names Juliette and Emmeline, other names to substitute for Josephine in the US Top 1000 include Amelie, Cecilia, Clementine, Eloise, Lorelei, Matilda, Phoebe, and Rosalie. Popular names in France that match Josephine in style include Louise, Margaux, Apolline, and Faustine.

Josephine is a beautiful name and a lovely choice for a daughter. But if Josephine is off the table and you need another name that emulates its sound or style, browse our list of alternatives below.

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