Film Noir Baby Names

Baby names drawn from film noir or "black film," the genre of Hollywood crime dramas that capture the suspenseful happenings of private eyes in distinct black and white form, tend to be dramatic and rooted in an earlier era. Here, our collection of film noir baby names.

  • Della


    One of the few ella names that's not on every other new mother's lips -- a definite plus. Read More 

  • Dix


    Once a birth order name, now might work as a cool x-ending nickname. Read More 

  • Dixon


    A relatively common surname, Dixon would be an inventive way to honor an ancestral Richard or Dick, the X form a lot livelier than the Dickson spelling, just as Dix is a more modern short form... Read More 

  • Eden


    Eden is an attractive, serene name with obvious intimations of Paradise, one of several place names drawn fromthe Bible by the Puritans in the seventeenth century.

    Eden entered the Top... Read More 

  • Edwina


    Edwina may still be taking tea in the parlor, but we can see her joining friends like Matilda and Josephine for a comeback, especially if pronounced like Edwin rather than Edween.

    She... Read More 

  • Effie


    Effie is the old-fashioned short form for Euphemia, which seems a little too barefoot and tattered to be revivable--though you never know, wih names like Hattie and Letty making comebacks. Effie... Read More 

  • Evangelene


  • Fae


    Now that Faye is back on the Top 1000 after a decades-long absence, its spelling variations are being revived as well. Fae was given to nearly as many baby girls last year as Fay and may be... Read More 

  • Fritzie


    Like Mitzi, the bubbly Fritzi/Fritzie shows signs of rising again,Read More 

  • Georgette


    Has a musty 1940s feel. Try Georgia -- or Georgiana.Read More 

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