Names That Mean Beautiful

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  • Ani

    The name Ani is a girl's name of Hawaiian origin meaning "beautiful". Folk singer DiFranco popularized this simple, appealing form. Read More 

  • Anwen

    The name Anwen is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "very fair, beautiful". Anwen is one of the simplest and best of the classic Welsh girls' names, more unusual than Bronwen but with the... Read More 

  • Aoibhe

    The name Aoibhe is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "life, or beauty". Aoibhe may be considered a form of either Aoife -- beauty in Irish -- or Eve, which means life. Either way, this... Read More 

  • Aoibhinn

    The name Aoibhinn is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "beautiful sheen". Aoibhinn and its twin name Aoibheann may be popular in Ireland but most English-speakers would find the spelling... Read More 

  • Aoife

    The name Aoife is a girl's name of Irish Gaelic origin meaning "beautiful, radiant". Aoife, pronounced EE-fa, is derived from the Irish word aoibh, meaning “beauty.” Aoife was borne by... Read More 

  • Arabella

    The name Arabella is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "yielding to prayer". Arabella was used as a given name beginning in the 12th century with the birth of Arabella de Leuchars,... Read More 

  • Arddun

    The name Arddun is a girl's name of Welsh origin. A traditional Welsh name that would not translate well because of its unusual spelling and closeness to Arden.Read More 

  • Argider

    The name Argider is a boy's name of Basque origin meaning "beautiful light". Argider is a somewhat used boys' name in Basque-speaking parts of Spain. Read More 

  • Arinya

    The name Arinya is a girl's name meaning "beautiful knowledgeable woman". This name has it all - looks, brains, charms and an international sound that can go anywhere. Read More 

  • Astrid

    The name Astrid is a girl's name of Norse origin meaning "divinely beautiful". Astrid is derived from the name Ástríðr, which is made up of the Old Norse elements that mean “god” and “beautiful.”... Read More 

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