Baby Names That Mean Happy

Happiness is a wonderful meaning for a baby's name, suggesting an upbeat personality and a positive future. Here are some baby names that mean happy.

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  • Nara

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Soft, simple, and far more unusual than Tara or Farrah. As a Japanese place name, it's been used occasionally as a surname and is beginning to be used as a first. Nara is also the name of a... Read More 

  • Rafa

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Sounds a bit like a shortening of Rafael or a condensation of Rafaela, but Rafa is a name in its own right. Read More 

  • Ronia

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Hebrew name related to Ronit and Roni, also used in different cultures as Ronya, Ronja, and Roniya. Virtually unknown in the English-speaking world though certainly an easily-translatable choice.Read More 

  • Seeley

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Surname name with an uplifting meaning. Just beware that this is a well-known mattress brand. Read More 

  • Simcha

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Celebratory choice. Read More 

  • Trixie

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    A sassy, spunky name for the bold parent who doesn't remember Mrs. Ed Norton on The Honeymooners. It was chosen by Damon Wayans for his daughter. Trixie Belden is the thirteen-year-old... Read More 

  • Zelig

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    A plausible choice—if it can ever shake off its ubiquitous-guy Woody Allen identity. Read More 

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