Nature Baby Names

Nature baby names come from several categories: flower names, tree names, water, weather, and animal names. The popularity of nature names has risen along with the green movement, which has made us more appreciative of all things connected with nature. We have also seen a rise in nature baby names as parents look for names beyond the usual first name boundaries. Here are some of the coolest nature baby names for girls and boys today.

  • Spruce

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    A handsome, spruced-up post-Bruce tree name. Read More 

  • Stone

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Though some may find such names rather harsh and severe, increasing numbers of parents are gravitating toward this kind of flinty, steely, stony single-syllable name.

    Many know the... Read More 

  • Tide

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    As likely to be tied to the detergent as to the rhythms of the ocean. Read More 

  • Vale

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Vale is part place name, part nature name -- a poetic term for a type of valley. Today Show coanchor Savannah Guthrie put Vale on the baby name map when she chose it for her daughter, but there's... Read More 

  • Valley

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    A natural phenomenon that makes a plausible baby name. Read More 

  • Willow

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    An ancient tree that figures in literature from Shakespeare to Harry Potter and is believed to possess magical powers, Willow is a lovely name, as graceful as its inspiration, that is... Read More 

  • Wolf

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Wolf is a name with a split personality. It can be seen as one of the fierce animal names, like Fox and Bear and Puma, with a touch of the werewolf, or it can be viewed as a quieter, Wolf Blitzer... Read More 

  • Wren

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Wren, a lilting songbird name, could be the next Robin. It makes a particularly pleasing middle name choice, as does her newly discovered cousin Lark. Wren entered the Top 1000 for the first time... Read More 

  • Yarrow

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Yarrow is an unusual herb used for healing, but also has had such ancient nicknames as "bad man's plaything" and "devil's nettle." Better to stick with one of the more benign herbs on the spice... Read More 

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