Streamlined Baby Names

Another approach to creative baby naming, this one as old as ElizaBETH and EuGENE, is to drop the first syllable or syllables, or even an initial letter of a name. These days, for instance, Drew and Ward are cooler baby names than Andy or Ed. Here are some other possibilities but, as with most recipes, feel free to improvise.

  • Melia

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    This is a rich, melodic shortening of the British Number 1 Amelia that can stand on its own. Read More 

  • Milla

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Milla, or Mila, can actually be short forms of many names that end or begin in mila throughout Eastern Europe. Milla Jovovich is a Ukaranian-born actress and supermodel. Another idea, newly... Read More 

  • Minta

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Minta is an eighteenth century short form of a literary beauty still used in England today, but yet to be discovered by American baby namers. It has a fresh and dainty feel.

    Virtually... Read More 

  • Nelia

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    This lively and appealing name originated as a short form of Cornelia, but is well able to stand on its own. Nelia is also often in the Hispanic culture, where it can be a short form of Manuela.... Read More 

  • Nessa

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Like its cousin Tessa, Nessa -- a shortening of Vanessa or Agnes or Anastasia among other possibilities -- is an attractive nickname that can stand on its own. Read More 

  • Nica

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    More often spelled Nika, this is a well-used diminutive for the Eastern European Veronika, and there's no reason that the same principle can't apply in the West. It makes a venerated saint's name... Read More 

  • Remy

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    The name of a fifth century saint and one of a new generation of French names being discovered in the US, Remy sounds particularly... Read More 

  • Rian

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    More authentic and original form of Ryan. Read More 

  • Riella

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    If you have an aversion to Briella, you can shorten it even further to this.Read More 

  • Stasia

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Anastasia is a lovely yet very long name, and Stasia is a fresher, classier short form than Stacy.Read More 

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