Space Baby Names

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  • Charon

    The name Charon is a unisex name meaning "of keen gaze". The name of the ferrymen of dead souls to the Greek underworld and the name of Pluto's desolate moon, Charon makes an interesting, if... Read More 

  • Cia

    The name Cia is a girl's name . What's Cia short for? Cynthia or most any other C-name. Stylish in its sleek Mia-Nia minimalist feel, but may remind some of the Central Intelligence Agency. Read More 

  • Cielo

    The name Cielo is a unisex name of Italian origin meaning "sky". Expansive, sunny Italian word name. Read More 

  • Columba

    The name Columba is a unisex name of Latin origin meaning "dove". Columba is an early saint's name that rhumbas to a modern beat. While the original St. Columba is male, the name sounds more... Read More 

  • Comet

    The name Comet is a unisex name. This cosmological name has a zippy feel that might work well for the galactic parent looking for the perfect name for their own little star.Read More 

  • Cordelia

    The name Cordelia is a girl's name of Latin, Celtic origin meaning "heart; daughter of the sea". Cordelia, the name of King Lear's one sympathetic daughter, has style and substance, and is... Read More 

  • Corona

    The name Corona is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "crown". Corona was once an improbable choice due to the beer brand. After the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, its firmly cemented its... Read More 

  • Cressida

    The name Cressida is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "gold". Cressida is a pretty mythological and Shakespearean heroine name much better known in Britain than it is here — an... Read More 

  • Cupid

    The name Cupid is a boy's name of Latin, Ancient_Languages/Civilizations origin meaning "desire". The name of the Roman god of love, the son of Venus, considered so romantic as to be unfit for... Read More 

  • Cybele

    The name Cybele is a girl's name of French, Greek origin meaning "the mother of all gods". Cybele, the name of a Greek goddess of fertility, health, and nature, would unfortunately and... Read More 

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