Spiritual Baby Names

  • Vesper

    The name Vesper is a unisex name of Latin origin meaning "evening star". This Latin word used for evening spiritual services was introduced to baby namers by the Eva Greene character Vesper Lynd... Read More 

  • Zen

    The name Zen is a unisex name of Japanese origin. A spiritual word name used by actor Zoe Saldana for her son. Read More 

  • Zephyr

    The name Zephyr is a unisex name of Greek origin meaning "west wind". If you're looking for a boy's name that's light and breezy, this could be it. A name from mythology: Zephyrus/Zephyr was the... Read More 

  • Zeus

    The name Zeus is a boy's name of Greek origin. The supreme Olympian god represents a mighty image for a little fella to live up to, but more and more parents are beginning to consider it... Read More 

  • Zion

    The name Zion is a unisex name of Hebrew origin meaning "highest point". Zion has taken off in recent years, especially after singer Lauryn Hill used it for her son in 1997 and incorporated the... Read More 

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