Celebrity Baby Names Starting With O

Celebrity baby names are often the most creative, original, and sometimes craziest around. Here, names of the most recent celebrity babies. For more celebrity baby names, see our alphabetized lists.


Birthday Baby Parents
05/31/16 Ode Mountain Jena Malone And Ethan De Lorenzo


Birthday Baby Parents
03/17/17 Odette Elliott Jared And Genevieve Cortese Padalecki
2007 Odette Mark Ruffalo


Birthday Baby Parents
04/19/16 Odin Reign Nick Carter And Lauren Kitt Carter


Birthday Baby Parents
2015 Olive Mae Marla Sokoloff
2012 Olive Barrymore Drew Barrymore
2012 Olive Pearl Jake Owen
2007 Olive Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen


Birthday Baby Parents
2014 Oliver Finlay Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas
2007 Oliver Shane Taylor (Foo Fighters) Hawkins
2006 Oliver Fred Savage


Birthday Baby Parents
02/13/16 Olivia James Kellie James And Keith Christian
2012 Olivia Michael Weatherly
2012 Olivia Mabel Carly Smithson
2011 Olivia Jane Colin Hanks
2010 Olivia Marie Lance Armstrong
2010 Olivia Rose Byron Allen
2010 Olivia James Van Der Beek
2009 Olivia & Lucas Wanda Sykes
2008 Olivia Luna Joely Fisher


Birthday Baby Parents
07/08/16 Onyx Solace Alanis Morissette & Mario Treadway


Birthday Baby Parents
2014 Ophelia Dave Grohl


Birthday Baby Parents
2008 Orion Christopher Chris Noth


Birthday Baby Parents
2011 Orrin Ryder Josh Homme & Brody Dalle


Birthday Baby Parents
2007 Orson Paz Vega
Orson Lauren Ambrose


Birthday Baby Parents
06/23/16 Oscar Holly Robin Tunney And Nicky Marmet
03/02/16 Oscar Carl Olaf Crown Princess Victoria And Prince Daniel Of Sweden
2006 Oscar Gillian Anderson


Birthday Baby Parents
2014 Otis Alexander Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis
2009 Otis Tobias Jennifer Meyer & Tobey Maguire


Birthday Baby Parents
02/11/16 Owen Bartlett Heather Morris And Taylor Hubbell
2015 Owen Lee Shiri Appleby And Jon Shook


Birthday Baby Parents
2015 Ozzie James Max Greenfield
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