Women’s History Month Names: Movers and shakers with off-the-grid names

For Women’s History Month, we honor some of the army of activist heroes who have fought the struggle for women’s rights over the years. Rather than focusing on the more familiar names, from Susan B. Anthony to Gloria Steinem, we look to some lesser-known (with a couple of exceptions) American and British champions of gender equality. And of course, Nameberry being Nameberry, we’ve picked the ones with the most distinctive names.


One of the best known early women’s rights activists, Quaker Lucretia Mott was born in 1793, her activism sparked on discovering that her male teaching colleagues were paid three times as much as the women. A founder of Swarthmore College, she mentored Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The dainty and pretty name Lucretia is an old Roman appellation that had a long run on the US charts and is ripe for a return.

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