Women’s History Month Names: Movers and shakers with off-the-grid names

March 6, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

For Women’s History Month, we honor some of the army of activist heroes who have fought the struggle for women’s rights over the years. Rather than focusing on the more familiar names, from Susan B. Anthony to Gloria Steinem, we look to some lesser-known (with a couple of exceptions) American and British champions of gender equality. And of course, Nameberry being Nameberry, we’ve picked the ones with the most distinctive names.


Alva Vanderbilt Belmont was a prominent multi-millionaire socialite who donated large sums of money to the woman’s suffrage movement and founded the Political Equality League. Alva is currently in the Swedish Top 10, and was as high as Number 188 in the US in 1891, staying on the list till 1961.


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