Royal Baby Name: All bets are on!

As the due date for the Duchess of Cambridge approaches, the British betting establishments have gone into mad odds-shifting mode on every aspect of William and Kate’s child including the royal baby name.  They’re taking bets on the future sovereign’s hair color to future university and career choices and even which magazine will have the exclusive photos. But of course the main focus is on the baby’s name–putting on the table some obvious, conventional royal ancestor options, and also some bizarre, outrageous outliers.  Here, the bookmaker’s top options for the royal baby name.


Enough Brits have bet on this name made famous by the tacky ITV soap opera Footballers’ Wives to shorten its odds at one point from 500 to one to 250 to 1. Queen Chardonnay over Queen Charlotte? Yeah, right. (Others have put their hard-earned pence on Princess Tiffany, Tracy and Tulisa, Janet and Janine.)

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