What were your great-grandparents’ names?

Are you lucky enough to know the names of your great-grandparents?

I know most of them: Garrett and Elizabeth/Lizzie, Patrick and Catherine, William and Margaret, and something and Eugenia.

They were born in Ireland and Austria and Scotland and  right here in the U.S.A., and their names make a combination of classic standards and intriguing vintage names.  Plus at least one great-grandmother had an intriguing maiden name that might work as a middle: Early.  Love it.

What were your great-grandparents’ names?  Do you know anything about their names or the lives of those more distant ancestors?  Where did they come from and what did they do?  Would you name a child after them?

Here, some notable names of famous people’s fathers.

Silvio Ciccone

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Automotive design engineer Silvio Anthony Ciccone (known as Tony) is a first-generation Italian American, whose slated-for-fame daughter (Papa, Don’t Preach) shares her mother’s first name. The handsome sylvan Italian name Silvio could benefit from the current rediscovery of Sylvia and Sylvie—though it may have been tainted by the reputation of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.

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