They’re Ba-ack: 12 Names You Won’t Believe Are Hot Again

May 19, 2016 Linda Rosenkrantz

Most of  the vintage names that have gained in popularity this year have obvious charms—Tobias, say, and Clementine, sweet Adeline and Matilda and spunky Mabel— names that might elicit coos from admiring older relatives. But there are others on the rise that feel more midcentury than antique, and which could completely bewilder your mother-in-law or Gran, who still associate them with their own in-laws or Grans.


Harold, in style limbo for decades, is inching back into favor, no doubt helped by its friendlier nicknames Harry and Hal—or even more by the fact that it’s the full name of One Direction’s Harry Styles. HaroldHappyHogan is Tony Stark’s bodyguard in Iron Man. In his former life, Harold ranked as high as Number 12 in 1917.


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