Unusual Girl Names: 12 great names of 12 great artists

September 29, 2016 Linda Rosenkrantz
When it comes to great artists, we hear the term Old Masters a lot, but how many women’s names fall under that misleadingly all-male heading? We know about Frida Kahlo and GeorgiaO’Keeffe and a few others, but there are many more that are less well  known. Here are a dozen important women painters and sculptors of the distant and nearer past—all with interesting and unusual girl names worth considering. By Linda Rosenkrantz


Gender aside, 17th century artist Artemisia Gentileschi is considered to be one of the most accomplished and original of the Italian Baroque painters—and certainly the most important woman artist of early modern Europe. The name Artemisia, obviously derived from Artemis, was also borne by an influential 4th century Queen, and is a botanical plant name.


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