Unusual Baby Names: 14 great under-the-radar choices for boys

Last week, we unearthed 14 under-the-radar names for girls, none of which is in the current Top 1000, and this week we are doing the same for the boys. Unlike their sisters’ choices, some of these unusual baby names are more quirky than classic, though we’ve included some ancient and biblical goodies, and a couple of admirable imports. All of them were more popular in the past— and we think the time has come for their second act.


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There's August and Augustus and Augustine—all viable choices, but Augustine is the one that’s undeservedly completely under the radar. It’s most strongly associated with the illustrious fourth century saint, St. Augustine of Hippo, whose teachings and writings had a manifest influence on early Christianity philosophy. Augustine’s other Latin name, Aurelius, makes for another interesting possibility.

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