Twin Names: Seven Ways to Link

January 1, 2015 Pamela Redmond
twin names

There are lots of ways to link twin names, from the obvious — sharing a first initial — to the so-subtle-it’s-nearly-invisible.  Here, we look at the seven major ways to link names for twins, with examples of specific names that work…..and a few that don’t.  Even if you’re not expecting twins but want to link your children’s names in some way, this is a good general guide to the possibilities.

By First Initial

The most popular twin names are linked by first initial: Madison and Matthew, say, or Taylor and Tyler. And certainly, that's the easiest and most obvious way to link. But if you choose twin names that start with the same first initial, vary the rhythm or sound: Cecilia and Caroline, for instance, are more distinctive than Cecilia and Celeste.

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