TV Baby Names: 15 best new character names

March 10, 2016 Linda Rosenkrantz

TV has long been the source of interesting baby names, ranging from the highly unusual to the more usable. And the programs that have debuted during the past few seasons have been no exception. Leaving aside some of the most obvious examples, here are 15 of the best newish TV character names from scripted shows, both scheduled and streaming, heroes and villains.


The Mortal Instruments started as a series of demon-filled YA fantasy novels by Cassandra Clare, coming to TV in 2013. The colorful male character names include Alaric, Magnus, Hodge and Valentine. This particular Alaric happens to be a werewolf, whose ancient Germanic name has been used by authors from P.G. Wodehouse to Steven King, and previously appeared on The Vampire Diaries-- though it sounds modern enough to form a quirky path to all the Al and Rick nicknames.


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