The Other Royal Baby Names

Little princes and princesses from European Monarchies

By Abby Sandel

How do you name a future monarch?  The world is waiting to meet the newest member of the House of Windsor, but many a ruling family of Europe has welcomed a new addition in recent years.

Tradition clearly carries the day when royals go looking for baby names. But the times they are a changin’, and there are signs that even princes like to keep it simple. Gone are the long strings of five, six, or more given names. Even Prince George Alexander Louis, future King of England, has just three names total.

And yet the names that rule in Europe are an intriguing mix of classic and quirky, from the enduring Mary, Marie, and Maria to the intriguing Badouin and Ivalo.

While we wait for a happy announcement from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, let’s take a look at the young royals elsewhere in Europe.

Belgium Princess Elisabeth Theresia Maria Helena is Duchess of Brabant, and expected to become the country’s first queen regnant. Eventually – she’s just thirteen. Her siblings are brothers Gabriel Badouin Charles Marie and Emmanuel Leopold Guillaume Francois Marie, plus sister Eleonore Fabiola Victoria Anne Marie.

Denmark – There are only two acceptable names for a male heir to the throne in Denmark. The first is worn by Crown Prince Frederik. The second, by his eldest son, Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John. The young prince is just nine years old, and the oldest of four children. The family also includes Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander, Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, and Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. There are also royal cousins, thanks to dad’s younger brother, Prince Joachim. Their names are Nikolai, Felix, Henrik, and Athena.

Liechtenstein Tiny Liechtenstein is ruled by Prince HansAdam II. His heir is Prince Alois, Hereditary Prince of Lichtenstein, followed by Alois’ teenaged children: Joseph Wenzel Maximilian Maria, MarieCaroline Elisabeth Immaculata, Georg Antonius Constantin Maria, and Nikolaus Sebastian Alexander Maria. That’s four names each, but that’s nothing compared to grandpa: Prince HansAdam II was born Johannes Adam Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marco d’Aviano Pius. HansAdams’ dad had fourteen given names!

Luxembourg – Odds are that Princess Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa, born in 2014, will never inherit the crown. That’s because her dad, Prince Felix, is the younger brother. Should Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume have children of his own, they’ll bump Amalia down a few slots in the line of succession. The current ruler of the tiny European nation is Grand Duke Henri. For the moment, Amalia is third in line.

Monaco – Last year’s headline in royal news was the arrival of the heir to Monegasque throne, Prince Jacques Honore Rainier, son of Prince Albert II of Monaco. After many years of waiting for an heir – Albert is 57, and married South African Olympian Charlene Wittstock in 2011 – the couple welcomed twins. Jacques’ sister, Gabrielle Therese Marie, is actually older than her brother. But Monaco is one of the few European nations that still favors a male heir. Princess Caroline, Albert’s sister, has grandchildren around the same age as the twins by her son, Andrea Casiraghi: Alexandre Andrea and newborn India.

The Netherlands CatharinaAmalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria became the Princess of Orange just two years ago, when her father, WillemAlexander, was crowned king. The future Dutch monarch won’t be the first woman to rule the Netherlands. CatharineAmalia’s grandmother, Queen Beatrix, reigned for more than three decades before abdicating in favor of her son in 2013. CatharineAmalia has two younger sisters: Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien and Ariane Wilhelmina Maxima Ines.

Norway King Harald V has ruled the Scandinavian nation since 1991. His heir is Crown Prince Haakon, and Haakon’s firstborn is Princess Ingrid Alexandra. Haakon made headlines when he married the lovely MetteMarit – a single mother. This means that Ingrid has an older half-brother, Marius, as well as younger brother Sverre Magnus. She also has a trio of nicely named cousins through her aunt, Princess Martha Louise: Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora, and Emma Tallulah. The girls are fifth, sixth, and seventh in line to the throne.

Spain Princess Leonor recently became her father’s official heir. In 2014, King Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son, the new King Felipe VI. Felipe’s eldest daughter, Leonor, became Princess of Asturias. Leonor has one sister, Sofia (shown in illustration). Both girls share the same middle name: de Todos los Santos. It translates to “of all the saints,” and word is that it’s a traditional middle for the Spanish House of Bourbon.

Sweden – There’s been more than one Swedish royal born in recent years. Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary arrived in 2012, the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree. Victoria’s younger sister, Madeleine, welcomed a daughter in 2014, Princess Leonore Lilian Maria. Now Madeleine is expecting another child later in 2015.

What are your favorite royal baby names from across Europe?

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10 Responses to “The Other Royal Baby Names”

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AnnieLouise Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 3:43 am

It’s interesting to see what other European royals are naming their children, although you did miss one of the most interesting features of Belgian royal names! Members of the Belgian royal family are known by two (formerly three) sets of names in Dutch and French (and German).

Princess Élisabeth is known as both Élisabeth Thérèse Marie Hélène (French) and Elisabeth Theresia Maria Helena (Dutch). Her father, the current king, is Philippe Léopold Louis Marie (French), Filip Leopold Lodewijk Maria (Dutch) as well as Philip Leopold Ludwig Maria (German).

Her siblings are Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie (French) Gabriël Boudewijn Karel Maria (Dutch), Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie (French) Emmanuel Leopold Willem Frans Maria (Dutch) and Eléonore Fabiola Victoria Anne Marie (French) Eleonore Fabiola Victoria Anna Maria (Dutch).

Fabiola and Victoria are not actually French forms. In the case of Victoria, Eléonore’s godmother is Princess Victoria of Sweden and Fabiola is a former Queen of Belgium (the aunt of the current king) so I imagine they wanted to honour them directly rather than through French forms.

The main language of the royal family is French, their levels of Dutch vary, and so they are most commonly called by the French form of their names.

maggiemary Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 4:17 am

Wow – the Belgian names are beautiful – by far the best, in my humble opinion. And I love them even more, upon learning they have two forms of their names.

ThistleThorn Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 7:15 am

Its interesting that some of the boys have Marie or Maria as middle names. Also, I would not have expected Isabella from the Danish. The royals in England’s names seem much more repetitive and classic (Besides the Danish tradition of having only two possible names for the firstborn!)

SimoneKadele Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 8:45 am

I love Leonor, Ingrid, and Josephine. The Belgian royal names are my favorites- gorgeous!

peacebird10 Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 9:03 am

Love reading about some of these “other” royal names! I think most of them are absolute gems.

On a related note, I’m surprised Anne and Marie/Maria don’t have male entries on Nameberry. In France, both names have historical use on boys and girls. Voltaire was born François-Marie Arouet, just for a famous example. Marie/Maria also have usage in German on boys. I’m not sure if that’s the case today, but historically, yes.

senseandsensibility Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 12:42 pm

My absolute favourite are the girls of Princess Martha Louise of Norway: Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora, and Emma Tallulah. I think they make a perfect sibset and are nicely linked to one another. I also like the names of little Princess Leonore Lillian Maria of Sweden.

hermione_vader Says:

April 28th, 2015 at 2:52 pm

Using Marie or Maria as boy’s middle name is a Catholic tradition, and it looks like the countries where the royals have chosen to do so tend to be Catholic countries or at least have some Catholic history.

livia Says:

April 29th, 2015 at 6:23 pm

Love all these Eleanor variations! I’d love for the new royal baby to be a little Princess Eleanor. 🙂

anyagreenwich Says:

May 1st, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Theresia is a beautitul name!

hughesscholar Says:

August 13th, 2015 at 11:58 pm

Although not a European principality, I love Jordan’s queen’s name: Her Majesty Rania. It’s fresh but also feels very classic

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