The Names of Christmas Past: Movie names from Anya Claus to Zuzu Bailey

As a holiday season extra, we’re serving up a second helping of one of our favorite past Christmas slideshows.

Looking for Christmas names for your holiday-season babe? Well, you can forget about those old chestnut choices likeNoel/NoelleHollyNatalieEveMerryCarol and Claus. A much more original idea might be to look at some of the classic and current Christmas movies for interesting character names that would do the job more subtly. But don’t worry– we’re not suggesting Ebenezer or Clarence.



In the 2003 megahit "Elf," starring Will Ferrell as Buddy Hobbs, another featured character is the small but non-elfin, Miles Finch, played by Peter Dinklage. Miles is a cool and confident name with a jazzy veneer, now ranking at its highest point ever, Number 162-- a current favorite along with cousin Milo.

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