The Most Outrageous Baby Names of 2012

Even more than the names at the top of the Most Popular list, outrageous names can define our times, becoming the most memorable symbols of important passages and events. As well as sources of head-shaking wonder.Here, Nameberry’s picks for the 12 most outrageous names of 2012


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At first Sabbath sounds like one of the newer spiritual names, commemorating the traditional day of worship and rest. But wait! The father of little Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde is none other than hard rocker Zakk Wylde, who’s recently been touring with Ozzy Osbourne of the quintessential heavy metal band Black Sabbath. So much for a day of rest. The Page part honors legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and Wielandt is Wylde’s original surname. An older son’s names also call up Wylde musical idols—(Jimi) Hendrix and (Van) Halen.

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