The Most Outrageous Baby Names of 2012

Even more than the names at the top of the Most Popular list, outrageous names can define our times, becoming the most memorable symbols of important passages and events. As well as sources of head-shaking wonder.Here, Nameberry’s picks for the 12 most outrageous names of 2012


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Kick is the middle name chosen by Law and Order’s Jeremy Sisto for his son Bastian, representative of the kind of anything-goes non-name middles that are a hallmark trend of 2012, as also in Sisto’s daughter Charlie-Ballerina and Tobey Maguire’s girl Ruby Sweetheart. Other starbaby middles include Song and Story, Painter and Pip, Bravery and Bebop, Rocket and Midnight. With Kick, Sisto has said they scoured the dictionary looking for words that aren’t normally names; we just have to wonder what stage of the pregnancy kicked off the idea for Kick.

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