The Hottest Hero Baby Names: Langston, Landry and Lennon

March 20, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

Hero names, names chosen in honor of personal heroes or heroines outside your own family, have been a rising class of names over recent years. They offer strong meaning for parents, powerful role models for their namesakes, plus names more distinctive than the Johns and Marys often found in the family tree. Hero names we see on the rise right now connect to luminaries of the arts, sciences, commerce, and politics both past and present. Some are surnames appropriated as firsts while others are distinctive first names. Here, 12 of the hottest hero and heroine names on the charts:


Bran is the Celtic god of the underworld whose name means “raven,” so it follows that Branson means “son of the raven”. Branson is one of the fashionable patronymics that carries a suggestion of Virgin Airline founder Richard’s adventurous and individualistic spirit.


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