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By Brooke Cussans of BabyNamePonering

In recent years, it seems that more and more writers are taking inspiration from classical mythology and medieval bestiaries. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Supernatural and countless others are full of mythical creatures. This seems to be having an impact on parents, as many of these names are starting to see increased use on birth certificates.

Just in time for Halloween, here is a list of ten names inspired by mythical creatures that wouldn’t seem as out of place on the playground as you might at first think.

Cerberus – this three-headed dog (or hell-hound) seemed a lot less intimidating in Harry Potter when named Fluffy and guarding a trapdoor rather than the gates of the Underworld. The most commonly accepted pronunciation is SUR-ber-uss, meaning ‘formidable guard’ or some variation of this. Cerberus has never charted in the U.S, but it would be a very cool name for a boy.

Chimera – Pronounced ky-MEER– this one sounds like a smoosh of girls’ names Chiara and Mira. Thought to be a creature comprised of lion, snake and goat parts that breathes fire, it’s also used as a generic term to describe creatures that are composed of various animal parts. Despite the grim creature association, it has a pretty sound and could make a good girl’s name.

Dragon – Dragons capture our imagination like few other creatures, with depictions ranging from fiery vengeful beasts to wise advisers and companions. Dragon has only ever charted as a boy’s name, probably because on a boy it comes across as positive, conjuring images of strength and might, whereas calling a female a dragon is generally meant to be a slight, that her anger and “fiery” nature are uncontrollable.

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Animal Baby Names: Rare specimens

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By Dantea, aka Angel Thomas

Animal names seem to be all the rage: Bear, Fox, Wren, and Lark…Not only are there celebrity children with these names, but I see them all over Nameberry. If you’re looking for an animal name but don’t want your daughter to be one of ten Wren’s or your son to be one of five Foxes, then maybe my list of more unusual animal names will help you find something you like.


Brocken – A two-year old stag. Brock was a popular name decades ago, but has since become old and dated. With the popular –en sound at the end,  Brocken might be a way to update Brock and use a nature name other haven’t heard.

Fennec – A nocturnal fox that lives in the Sahara desert. Have you ever seen this fox? If not, you need to–it’s a gorgeous animal. Fennec would make a great name in that it sounds like Finnick, a name from the very popular Hunger Games, and has the trendy Finn sound.

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