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Names Rescued from the Titanic

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By Nephele

You may have read that the last living link to the Titanic tragedy of 1912, a British woman named Millvina Dean, died last week at the age of 97.  She was only nine weeks old when she was lowered into a lifeboat in a canvas mail bag and, along with her mother and two-year-old brother, was rescued by another ocean liner and taken to New York, the youngest survivor of the world’s worse ever maritime disaster.

Millvina. Now that’s a name that hasn’t been heard much since 1912.  (She was actually christened Elizabeth Gladys, but for some reason was always called Millvina.) This started me  wondering what other long-lost names might be found on the ship’s passenger list. Since the records are recorded by class  (Millvina’s family was traveling in Third Class), it offers some  insight into class differences among names as well.

Here are some more unusual names that stand out:

FIRST CLASS MALES (the majority of whom were American)






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