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By Linda Rosenkrantz

I was recently reading an article about Noomi Rapace, the Swedish actress who starred in the original version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels, then went on to play the lead in Prometheus, with a full slate of other English language leading roles on her upcoming agenda (as Amy Winehouse? Maria Callas?). And of course, being one of the berries-in-chief, I was naturally drawn to her name, the charming Swedish version of Naomi.

Which naturally led me to search for other wonderful Swedish names that are either underused or completely unheard of in this country. Here is a long list of some of the best; I’ve indicated those that are in Sweden’s Top 100—where Alice and Lucas reign in top place—and those that have made it onto the US Top 1000. Also note that some of these names are found in other Scandinavian countries as well.

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10 Boys’ Names We Should Steal

European baby boy names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

In this global culture, many of the same boys’ names are popular in both Europe and the US: Noah, Jacob, and William, for instance. But there are other names that seem to flourish there while going largely ignored here. Not every European name can make it in America, but here are ten we consider ripe for appropriation:

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Swedish Baby Names: Elsa tops the list

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The list of Top 100 names in Sweden has just been released and it provides an interesting smorgasbord of food for thought, with a blend of internationally used names, Swedish names we’re already familiar with and others that are new to us but definitely exportable.

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Fresh Scandinavian Baby Name Choices

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By Sophie Kihm

Scandinavian names are among my very favorites. I love their minimalism—which is very reflective of the culture. Names from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland can make great imports: It’s easy to picture American children with many of the following baby names.


AnnalieThis may look like an alternate spelling of smoosh name Annalee, but Annalie is actually the Finnish form of Hannah. She’s definitely a fresh substitute.

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The Other Royal Baby Names

By Abby Sandel

How do you name a future monarch?  The world is waiting to meet the newest member of the House of Windsor, but many a ruling family of Europe has welcomed a new addition in recent years.

Tradition clearly carries the day when royals go looking for baby names. But the times they are a changin’, and there are signs that even princes like to keep it simple. Gone are the long strings of five, six, or more given names. Even Prince George Alexander Louis, future King of England, has just three names total.

And yet the names that rule in Europe are an intriguing mix of classic and quirky, from the enduring Mary, Marie, and Maria to the intriguing Badouin and Ivalo.

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