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Spicy Baby Names

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spicy baby names

by Angela Mastrodonato of Upswing Baby Names

Finding the perfect seasoning blend for this recipe was challenging. The goal was to find names that not only ranked mostly outside the Top 1000 on the U.S. Social Security list, but also seem under the radar on the inter-webs.

The big challenge was finding spice and herb names that were both surprising and appealing. Therefore I widened the “surprising” filter to include some names that might seem less surprising to name fanatics, but are still considered surprising among the general population because, considering their style, we aren’t hearing them as often as we should in real-life.

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By Aimee Reneau Tafreshi

Some of us Berries love food almost as much as we love our own children. What better way to combine two loves than by honoring your favorite noshes by naming your child after them? For years, food and baby names have occasionally overlapped. Established spice names such as Rosemary, Sage and Ginger come to mind. In recent years, more out-of-the-box examples have emerged, such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple. I decided to dig beyond the usual suspects to round up a list of food-inspired names that are seldom heard but ripe for the picking.

As the sole contender in the legume category, Pinto makes a colorful choice. Pinto sounds accessible and a tad rugged along the lines of Wyatt and Luke. Beside pinto beans, the name calls to mind coltish pinto horses and the beautiful Indian actress, Freida Pinto.

The biggest catch of names emerged from the deep blue sea. In the fish and seafood category, there are many names that are obscure enough that most will not associate your baby with a fish or gastropod. Abalone conveys an outer toughness with an inner beauty. If you like salmon, then its cousin, Char, might work for a boy’s name, with a hardy nature and coolness. For a name that is sweet and mild-mannered with a hint of the exotic, Swai makes for a unique choice and is reminiscent of Kai. A popular game fish, Cobia has likeability and a twist on the more familiar sounding Coby.

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