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M.I.A. Baby: How To Rock That Name

Celebrity Baby Names

*UPDATE!  The M.I.A. baby had been named, and the name is….Ikhyd (first erroneously reported as Ickitt) Edgar Arular.  Take that, Bronx Mowgli and Moxie Crimefighter!  Congratulations, we think.

The M.I.A. baby is due on Sunday, the same day the nine months pregnant pop artist is set to perform at the Grammy Awards.  But the event we’re really anticipating is the announcement of the M.I.A. baby name.

Ever since Frank Zappa named his children Moon Unit and Dweezil, crazy baby names have become a rocker institution.   Listen up, M.I.A.:  Lesson 1 in naming your rocker or rapper baby is that you can never choose a regular old first name.  Instead, consider the following baby-naming lessons from the musical mommies and daddies who came before you:

Name Your Baby After Another Musician

There are lots of good choices among the Musician Names.  Your fellow rockers seems to be the name of someone cool and dead, as detailed by the following choices:

CASH (as in Johnny) – “Slash” Hudson from Guns N’ Roses
DJANGO (as in Reinhart) — Siobhan (Bananarama) Fahey & Dave Stewart
EVERLY (as in Brothers) — Anthony (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Kiedis

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