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Irish Names Now: What’s doing in Dublin?

Irish Baby Names

We’ve been scrutinizing your responses to our recent survey, in particular the question that asked what you’d like to see more of on nameberry, with an eye to accommodating your suggestions.  Quite a few responders put in requests for more ethnic names— with pronunciations—and a couple took note of our blog on birth announcements in the London Times, interested in seeing similar subjects, which Pam will be updating soon.

So, since we aim to please, this time we are taking a look at announcements in the Irish Times over the past few months–the ethnic and not-so-ethnic names found there–with pronunciations when needed.

The current batch of newborn names in Ireland shows a typical mix of Anglo-Saxon classics (especially for boys), modern Irish standards , and the old Gaelic names that have been revived and become fashionable in recent years, as well as some internationally trendy choices.  Below are some of the more interesting, with pronunciations where useful–bearing  in mind that they change from region to region (and reference book to reference book).


Among the currently most popular girls’ names are Emily, Lucy, Isabel (and Isabelle, Isabella and Isobel), and Grace, with several appearances of Hazel and Sophia/Sofia , Rose and Ruby.  Leading middle names in this sampling appear to be Elizabeth, Grace, Rose, Louise, May and Maeve.

Here, some of the more unusual choices–including some interesting combos:


ANNA Catriona (kat-REE-na) Monica


ARABELLA Elizabeth

ASHLING Elizabeth

AVA Maeve




CAOIMHE (KEEV-eh) Nadine

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Is Felix the New Oscar?

Ever notice how some stylish names are the new versions of other names that got too hot too fast?

Felix, for instance, is the new Oscar, one of those poor names that flamed out almost before anybody noticed it was heating up.  Parents who might have chosen Oscar a couple of years ago are now looking for something more surprising, more distinctive, something like….Felix.

Ironic, because Oscar itself was kind of the new Gus, which was the new Max, which was the new Sam, which took over for such earthy boys’ names as Joe and Jim and TomEmilia is the new Emma, which took over for Emily.

Edison is the new Addison, which a couple of years ago was the new Madison.  And Madison was kind of the new Allison AND the new Madeline.

Arabella is the new Isabella, Ezra the new Elijah, Ada the new AvaJaxon is the new Jackson, which took over for Jack, a substitute for both Jake and Johnny.

Some of the new versions have a long lineage: Kate is the fresher version of Katelyn, which was for quite a while the new Kathleen, which was the new Katherine, which at some point way back when was undoubtedly the new Kate.

It can even be hard to see the connection between the original name and its newer substitute: Helen lies deep within Haley, for example, and Lee in Liam, John in Jonah, Mary in Mariah.

Anybody else see new names rising from the ashes of older favorites?

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