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Nicknames: Got some fresh ideas?

Today”s question of the week:

Have you come up with or heard any fresh, interesting or unusual nicknames that still have some logical link to the full name?

Today’s parents are almost as concerned with their kids’ everyday names as the formal ones on the birth certificate, and most aren’t content with the old Andys and Angies, Ricks and Randys.

A lot of the newly revived three-and-four syllable vintage names seem to cry out for livlier short forms.  One new trendlet seems to be basing nicknames on middle syllables rather than just the first–eg Fee for Seraphina or Ophelia.

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Novel Nicknames: A Whole New Approach

Remember when all Jacobs were nicknamed Jake, and every Theodore was Ted, and Victorias were automatically labeled Vicky?

Well, things have changed.  Today’s baby namers are putting a tremendous amount of thought into nicknames.  Not only are they more willing to put them on the birth certificate (Gracie, Gus), but they are placing almost as much importance on their babies’ everyday/pet names as on their birth certificate appellations, sometime picking the colloquial form first and then finding a formal name that’s fits it.

And in many cases, the connections between the two are way less direct than they used to be, sometimes just sharing a first initial, or playing with a middle or last syllable, such as using Lia for Cecilia or Amelia.

Our own nameberries are especially inventive when it comes to creative nicknaming.  Here are some of the recent examples we’ve noticed:


BEATRIX—BIXIE instead of Bea or Trixie

CAROLINECALLIE instead of Carrie

ELEANORNORA instead of Ellie or Nell

ELODIENELL instead of Ellie


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