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It’s Father’s Day, and once more this year we commemorate the holiday with a list of some notable names of the paternal parents of celebrities of various times and places, with some truly unusual examples, as in Archulus (Truman Capote) and Belmont (Humphrey Bogart).  It turns out that quite a  number of past (and a few present) notables have had Dads with interesting, and sometimes surprising, names.  Here are some Father’s Day names to prove the point:

AbrahamBob Dylan

Alfred (called Freddie–  John Lennon

Allan Herman Melville

Andrej –   Andy Warhol

Andrew –   Roy Rogers

Archulus —  Truman Capote

Augustine —  George Washington

BaileyRay Charles, Maya Angelou

Belmont –  Humphrey Bogart

Cassius —  Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay)

Clarence –   Ernest Hemingway, Billie Holiday

Clyde John Wayne (born Marion)

Cornelius –  Tennessee Williams (born Thomas)

Delbert–    Gene Autry

Elias –   Walt Disney, Cary Grant (born Archie)

Emile –   Henri Matisse

Ernest–   Robert Rauschenberg

Fernando –  Luciano Pavarotti

FloydTina Turner

Francis –   Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Zappa, Georgia O’Keeffe (his middle name Calyxtus)

FraserMichelle Obama

Gadla –   Nelson Mandela

Gerard –  Laurence Olivier

Gerrit–   Rembrandt Van Rijn

GuntherHeidi Klum

Gustav –   Arnold Schwarzenegger

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