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13 Celebrated Juniors

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Nothing can bring a father and son closer together than sharing their name. And as it happens, an inordinate number of male superstars have been juniors (or IIIs or IVs—even Vs)—whether because the name was something to live up to or an incentive to distinguish themselves as individuals. In anticipation of Father’s Day we look at 13 stars who share their parent’s name, and the various ways these pairings have played out.

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Baby Jr.?

baby junior

We’ve (thankfully) moved beyond the days when it seemed like nearly every first son was named after his dad — and if he wasn’t everybody wondered what was wrong.

Today family names are still favored, but many parents are more likely to honor a grandparent or spin mom’s maiden name into a first than to name the baby after themselves.

Would you, did you, name your baby after yourself? Or did you maybe use some version of your name in your child’s name? Maybe you have a family name as part of your own that you passed on to your child?

If you did name your baby after yourself, or if you’re named after a parent, how do you keep the names from getting confused?

Or perhaps you’re a junior who would never foist your own name on a baby.

Tell us your experience with and your feelings about Baby, Jr.

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Here’s A New Way to Honor Grandpa

Once upon a time, a lot of baby boys were named after their dads. But while some families still follow this tradition, there are many fewer juniors around than there used to be. One new twist on patronymics: son names, such as Harrison and Jackson.

Of course, most Harrisons and Jacksons aren’t the sons of guys named Harry and Jack. But we can’t help feeling that in some unconscious way, the son names have caught on because they suggest family tradition, the passing down of a name from father to, well, son….or sometimes daughter.

Popular son names for girls include Madison, Addison, Allison and Emerson. And some of the trendiest of the group don’t really feel like son names: Jason, Mason, Tyson, and Crimson would fit in this category.

Here, some great son names you may not have thought of. They stand on their own merits, but you might want to consider them as a way to honor an ancestral Carl or James.

(And a reminder that with  our search function, when you search by letter you’re not limited to ONE letter – you can search for all names that end in –son or –ley, for instance.)













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