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Nameberry Faves? Do tell!

Today’s multi-part question of the week is all about us—we’re asking you what you like best about Nameberry. 

Answer any or all:

What has been your all-time favorite blog—and/or what kinds of blogs do you like best?  Such as:

   **The crowd-sourced, interactive Questions of the Week, like this one

   **Trends and predictions

   **Names from different cultures

   **Name history

   **Personal guest blogger stories

   **Names from literature, art, pop culture

   **Seasonal and holiday blogs


Do you have a favorite list?

What’s your favorite forum?

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Name Spellings: Right and Wright?

The idea for this blog arose, as so many good things do, from the nameberry forums, in this case one on name spellings. In particular, the focus was on names that had more than one legitimate spelling, and asked visitors to pick their favorite of the two (or more).

With so much talk these days about yooneek spellings of names – variations invented to make a name more “special” – it’s interesting to explore those names that have more than one bona fide spelling.

Of course, there may be some controversy over what constitutes bona fide name spellings. On the forum, some people took issue with spelling variations springing from different origins of a name: Isabelle as the French version and Isabel the Spanish, for instance, and so not really pure spelling variations in the way that Katherine and Kathryn are. Others argued over spelling variations that might more accurately be differences in a name’s gender or pronunciation.

There are obviously a lot of ways to split this hair.  And we’ve made a lot of judgment calls some of you may disagree with.  Sure, Debra might be a modern variation of the Biblical Deborah, but it was so widely used in mid-century America it’s now legitimate, or at least that’s the way we see it.

Here are some girls’ names with more than one spelling that we consider legitimate.

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Happy Second Birthday To Us!

Nameberry turns two today, and we feel kind of like a toddler: We’ve grown steady on our feet, developed a clear voice and distinct identity, and have lots of wonderful new friends! Thanks for being the major part of nameberry’s success.

Our audience has doubled each year, giving us a total of over 5 million visitors since our launch in October 2008. The pages of nameberry have been viewed a staggering 45 million times!

According to Google Analytics, nameberry has reached 228 countries, though that figure is a little confusing since most sources say there are only 195 countries on earth. Possible explanation: Some previously-unexplored and unidentified countries have been visiting nameberry in search of names for themselves.  Or else our audience expands to other planets.

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Do You Like Your Name?

Question of the week: How do you feel about your own name?

This is a topic that has been brought up  in the nameberry forums, with opinions ranging from love to how could my parents do this to me?  What we’d like to know now is:

What is it that you like or dislike about your name?  Do you feel that it fits you perfectly or not at all?  Have you ever considered changing it?

Has it affected other people’s impression of you?  Positively or negatively?

Has your feeling about your name changed over time, perhaps as it has become more or less stylish or trendy?

How has your attitude towards your own name affected your approach to naming your own children?  Would you choose something similar in style or popularity or one that’s diametrically different?

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Name Nerds: Do you qualify?

Name Game

Although I’ve written ten books and a hundred or more nameberry  blogs on the subject, I’m happy to say that I still learn something new about names almost every day.  And a lot of it comes from our very own nameberry boards.

Often, as my work day is winding down, I’ll spend some time meandering around different forums, and sometimes will be lucky enough to come upon an exchange that I find particularly enlightening or entertaining.  This happened the other night when I encountered this post by Christy from several months ago which I found so sharp and funny that I had a ‘wow!-wish-I-had-thought-of-that’ moment.  So, rather than have it moulder in the archives, I thought it deserved to be put out here for everyone to share.

Sure Signs You Are a Name Nerd

You may be a name nerd if . . .

  • You are already planning your 2010 SSA Names Release Day party (to be celebrated with your name obsessed friends).
  • While flipping through your old daytimer, you find 20 plus lists of names and combos.
  • Whenever someone brings up one of your favorite names, you give them a detailed description of the history of its use.
  • You dress up as Michael Shackleford for Halloween (as an homage).*
  • You write a complete list of your favorite names in calligraphy, frame it, and put it in your bedroom.
  • You give people who are not expecting baby name books as gifts. (Always keep a few on hand!)
  • You are trying to bring back the name Etheldreda, and take every opportunity to convince people of its antique charm.
  • You say the Pledge of Allegiance (U.S.): “With liberty to name your kids anything you want, and justice for all.”

*In case you’re not name-nerdy enough to know this, Michael Shackelford was responsible for creating  the Social Security baby name popularity lists.

Of course this inspired a whole bunch of other opinions on the qualifications for name nerdom, such as:

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