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We’re happy to present the latest inventive post from one of our favorite guest contributors, Abby Sandel of  AppellationMountain.

Once upon a time, parents could name their daughter Mary Anne Jones without fretting that her school records would all read Mary A. Jones.  Then along came the almighty database.  Unless you’re Sarah Jessica Parker, chances are that a double name will cause a few headaches.

There’s a simple way to outfox the registrar, the Social Security Administration, even the insurance company: spell your daughter’s name Maryanne.  Or Marianne.  Smoosh the names together, and no data entry clerk can carelessly put them asunder.

Smooshing together two shorter names to create a new compound is nothing new, but some of the resulting names are novel.  It can satisfy parents who crave something relatively uncommon, but fear choosing a name that seems too strange.

Here are a few to consider:

Annalee, Annaleigh, Analee, Analeigh – The double n spelling seems preferable in these combos, but all of them are popping up on name boards.

Anneliese, Annalisa, AnnaliseAnneliese is a traditional German combo.  Annalise or Annalisa might be more intuitive for American parents.

Avalee, Avarose, Avalynne – Perhaps the most frequently smooshed name these days is Ava plus nearly anything.

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