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The term Latin American, of course, takes in a number of countries and cultures, with both shared name histories and trends and distinctly individual ones. The names in Portuguese-speaking Brazil are, for example, quite different from those in the various Spanish-speaking cultures.  Some currently popular names prove to be international favorites: right now, the biblical Benjamin is the top name in both Argentina and Chile, and the U.S. Number 1 Jacob is also found at Number 2 in Argentina.

Here are some attractive names gleaned from the available lists of recently or currently popular choices in some Latin American countries that might be unfamiliar in el Norte, but are still eminently adoptable .

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Latin culture is influencing everything in the United States, including baby names.  With the growing prominence of Latin stars and parents of all ethnic backgrounds more interested in using culturally significant names, Hispanic choices are moving up the popularity lists.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Jessica Alba and Ricky Martin may be among the most famous Latin celebrities, but their names were inspired by the general culture and are hardly inspiring modern baby namers in search of an authentic Latin choice.  The Latin celebrities (and a few fictional characters) from the worlds of film, music, sports, and fashion whose names have proven influential in the U.S. include:





DORA the Explorer


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