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It’s an international baby naming challenge! Let’s find a boy’s name that wears well in Italian and German, and might have just a hint of Irish, too.

Julia writes:

We are expecting a baby boy in a few months. I’m Italian, my husband is German, we live in Switzerland and we met in Ireland.

Our daughter’s name is Lidia Isabella. We love the name. Lidia is vintage and not common, works well locally and internationally, is easy to pronounce in multiple languages and it keeps my Italian heritage, as the last name is German. Isabella was my grandmother’s name. It ticks all the boxes.

We are stuck with the boy’s name. It should work in multiple languages.

Options could be Lorenzo, Mattia (both very common in Italy but not abroad), or Adrian, but we’re not 100% sure.

We would like to honor my husband’s grandfathers, Klaus or Julius. But maybe we should use an English version of Klaus. And I’m Julia, so Julius could be a problem.

Considering our many years spent in Ireland, Aiden or Oliver and other Irish names appeal, as long as they can be pronounced and spelled outside of Ireland.

Many thanks!

The Name Sage replies:

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Baby Name News from All Over

By Clare Bristow

In the news this week: more on the British name data, colorful predictions for a Kardashian baby, and starbaby names from down under.

England and Wales: Arlo is hot, Nigel is not

It’s a big time of the year for looking at name trends in Britain, as the top baby names in England and Wales in 2016 were released last week. Here are some of the best stories about them.

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US vs UK Baby Names 2016

By Eleanor Nickerson

With the 2016 England and Wales data fresh off the press, it’s always interesting to have a look at how this data compares to that of our American cousins.

US vs UK 2016

Though we share many many names in common thanks to our common language and celebrity/media influences, it’s the names that divide us that offer the most fascinating insight.

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Top Baby Names: England and Wales, 2016

By Eleanor Nickerson

The top baby names for England and Wales in 2016 have been released by the Office of National Statistics, with the big news Olivia’s rise to claim the Number 1 spot for girls.

And once again Oliver was top for boys, for the fourth year, while reigning queen Amelia was ousted from her throne of five years by Olivia.

The Top 10 itself hasn’t changed much, although Lily has replaced Poppy and Muhammad replaced William.

The new additions to the top 100 are Albie, Arlo, Ezra, Finn, Jasper and Jesse for boys; Felicity, Iris, Luna and Lydia for girls.

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Popular Baby Names Around the World

By Clare Bristow

This week’s news includes statistics from England, Wales and Israel, names inspired by musicians, title names, and boats.

Top names in England and Wales

If you’d like to know what’s hot in Britain, it’s an exciting week: the baby name data for England and Wales in 2016 has just been released! There’s so much to delve into – they include every name given to 3 or more children, which is a pretty big pool – but here are the headlines.

The top names are the nicely-matched Oliver and Olivia. Oliver is number one for the fourth year running, while Olivia returns to the top spot after five years coming second to Amelia. There’s been very little change in the top 10, just Lily replacing Poppy on the girls’ side and Muhammad replacing William for boys. Big risers in the Top 100 include Luna, Aria and Harper for girls, and Arlo, Reggie and Ezra for boys.

It looks like parents haven’t been put off by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby name picks: both Charlotte and George rose last year, Charlotte by a whopping 13 places after years of gradually falling. Tune in two years from now to find out if their third child’s name gains in popularity too.

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