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As we eagerly await the revelation of what the top names were in the US last year, we thought it might be fun to see what international faves were heading the lists in other parts of the world.  Which American favorites were also among the three preferred choices in other countries (Jacob in Argentina, Noah in Belgium)?  And which names shone internationally in their local variations (eg Lucas, Lukas, Luka).  Are there some less familiar names worthy of importing (FlorenciaZuzannaNoam?).

We’ve taken a look at the three highest-ranking names across the globe in the last year counted and here are the most interesting results, with the American rankings for comparison.


Alice#2 in Sweden (Number 172 in the US)

Ana#2 in Brazil

Ava#3 in Scotland (Number 5 in the US) 

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Canadian guest blogger and name book writer Shandley McMurray offers some advice on global baby names–picking a name that will travel well. (And those are her beautiful kids in the illustration.)

Growing up with a name like Shandley in Canada wasn’t always easy. I became tired of correcting people’s spelling and pronunciation of it, and, of course, I bemoaned the lack of personalized products like pens and rulers that adorned the desks of my more traditionally-named friends. Then, the world’s increasing reliance on email made things even more difficult, with online editors and others I hadn’t met in person often referring to me as Mr. rather than Ms. in their correspondence.

Now don’t get me wrong—I’ve always loved my name. I’m a loud and opinionated free spirit and a quieter name like Elizabeth or Ashley just wouldn’t have fit. My name set me apart and I took pride in the fact that my parents had invented such a unique name.  So when it came time to name my own children, I thought long and hard about my decision.

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