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Girl Names: In Love with Olivia

By Abby Sandel

Not only has Olivia been a Top Ten favorite for the entire twenty-first century, it’s currently the second most popular name for girls born in the US, just a tick behind Emma.

If you’re in love with Olivia, but aren’t wild about your daughter sharing her name, here’s a solution: seventeen gorgeous girl names, all starting with O and ending in –ia. But not a one of these cracks the current US Top 100. In fact, most of these names fall far outside of the Top 1000.

Instead of Olivia, consider:

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By Haley Sedgwick

The Edwardian era, though short, brought us many names that had hardly ever charted prior to the turn of the last century. Beginning in 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria, the end of this period is often disputed, but it’s assumed to have ended sometime around the First World War.

Namesake King Edward VII was known to be particularly stylish, influencing art and fashion across Europe, some of which can be seen in the first season of Downton Abbey, which depicts the tail end of the era.

With the high fashions of the period, names were changing, just as quickly as the times were. Unfortunately, name data from England and Wales before 1996 only exists in ten-year intervals; the following names were gaining popularity in 1904 and 1914 in England and Wales.

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Girls Baby Names: Fresh Possibilities

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New girl names needed! Their shortlist consists of Ainsley, Henley, and Waverly, but they’re not sure if any of those is The Name for their new baby.

Julie writes:

I am a few days from my due date and my husband doesn’t seem sold on any of the girl names that we had on our short list. We don’t know if we are having a boy or girl and planned on having a few options for both gender. My husband hasn’t been that interested in discussing names through most of the pregnancy but wanted to go over our list yesterday. Now I feel like I need some more girl suggestions but I’m at a loss for anything new.

The two girl names that he kept on the short list are Waverly and Henley, and we also added Ainsley.

Our top boy name is Drake, and it feels like the right fit since we both came up with the name separately.

He doesn’t like anything too feminine or old-fashioned, so Norah, Adelaide, Davina, Freya, Martha, and so on are all out.

The Name Sage replies:

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The Virtues of a Virtue Name

By Faith M.

I, for one, am very enthusiastic about the recent rise in less common or renewed virtue names for girls, names such as Verity, Mercy, Peace and Amity. And also for the growing trend to give boys virtue names such as Justice, Chance, True and Noble, to name just a few of the many great choices.

The increased popularity and abundance of word names that now classify as unconventional virtue names has made it an appealing option for people looking for something off-beat as an alternative to such traditional names as Faith, Hope, Grace and Constance.

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Feminist Baby Names: The First Wave

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By Emily Cardoza

This past weekend, millions of women, men and children took to the streets to promote the fight for equal rights and social equity, especially in reaction to the recent rise in regressive politics and racism. Though it would be impossible to list every woman who has contributed to the fight for women’s rights all over the world, here are some of the “bigger” names from the first wave.

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