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The brilliant visitors over on the Name Game board have done it again.  The latest greatest game they’re playing is called Nameberry Makeover, in which they take the Top Ten names and come up with fresher, cooler sounding substitutes.

Some new players may have joined in by now and if so I’m sorry to leave you out of the credits, but these delicious ideas for new versions of widely used names are thanks to nameberryites olivegreen, susan, lyndsayjenness, jill, lola, alexisgracelynn123, ricamaca, and dannim26.

I especially love the way so many of these don’t just echo the name but pick up on its essence.  Parents who love one of the top names but are in search of new spins will find some great ideas here.

1. EMILYEvelyn, Cecily, Amelia, Emmeline

2. ISABELLAEudora, Imogen, Belle, Isadora, Isla, Maeve

3. EMMAGemma, Etta, Esme

4. AVAAvalon, Eve, Evangeline, Ada

5. MADISONMabel, Madeleine, Millicent, Matilda, Harper

6. SOPHIASylvia, Lucia, Ophelia (nice), Scarlett, Penelope

7. OLIVIALivia, Olena, Viviana, Odessa, Olive

8. ABIGAILLydia, Esther, Jemima, Abriana, Bailey

9. HANNAHSusannah, Anna, Dinah, Helena

10.ELIZABETHEleanor, Eliza, Leisel

We’d love to hear more makeover ideas, or head over to the Name Games board and join in.  Thursday, we’ll feature the boys’ makeovers.

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