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Names on Fire

If you’re due very soon and so are expecting a Leo baby – or have or anticipate a child born under one of the other fire signs, Sagittarius or Aries – all I can say is: Lucky you.  I’m an Aries, my first child was a Sag, and my second a Leo, and we all live up to our characteristically fiery independent natures.

If you’re interested in a name that means or relates to fire for your own little fire sign baby, or its bright, energetic image simply appeals to you, consult this list of fiery names:

AGNI – Hindu god of fire, though to English speakers the name may sound more feminine than masculine.

AIDAN and AIDEN – Popular modern form of Aodh, meaning fiery, that’s well-used for boys and also a possibility for girls.  Meaning fire, Aodh (or Ae, which is pretty phonetic) was a name borne by several High Kings and mythological heroes.

AZAR – Attractive Iranian girl’s name that means fire.

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