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Which famous figures have the largest influence on baby names right now?The most important baby name influencers are a fascinating mix of actors, writers, sports stars, musicians, and historical figures. What they all share: A charismatic and sometimes heroic image that can inspire parents….and their young namesakes.

Here, based on their names’ standings in the current US list of most popular names, are the biggest baby name influencers of our time.
Pamela Redmond Satran

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Celebrity Baby Names from Around the World

celebrity baby names

Appellation Mountain’s Abby Sandel picks out the nine most noteworthy names of the week.  This time, she’s got to travel far to find them.

With new arrivals at Yahoo! HQ and in Trump Tower, I thought this week was going to be all about preppy boy names.  Yates and Bennett and company, the kind of choices that scream rep tie and polo pony.

But somehow, the rest of the world crept in and I was reminded that American celebrities aren’t the only ones welcoming new babies with lovely, intriguing appellations.  Of course, celebrity baby names that sound mainstream in Belgium or Belize might feel quite exotic in the English-speaking world, and the opposite is equally true.

Foreign language baby name blogs report that homegrown celebrities have an impact on naming trends everywhere.  While those influences are rarely felt in the US, they can capture our attention, especially should their parent strike it big in Hollywood or score an international hit single.

The nine most intriguing names this week come from all over the planet:

Spencer FrederickSpencer is a preppy choice with ties to the golden age of Hollywood – a fitting name for a little Trump.  Donald, Jr. and wife Vanessa are also parents to Kai Madison, Donald John III, called Donnie, and Tristan Milos.  I think Spencer Frederick is my favorite of the four.

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The year before Nicole Richie, who’s mainly famous for being famous, named her first child Harlow Winter Kate, that Golden Age of Hollywood first name was given to only 28 baby girls.

In 2008, the year Richie gave birth in January, that number shot up to 133, more than doubling again the following year to enter the official Top 1000, rising to Number 778 in 2010 when 349 baby girls were named Harlow.

Celebrities have the power to catapult not only their own names to stardom, as they have in recent years for choices ranging from Scarlett to Jude, but the names they choose for their babies. Celebrity baby name choices can breathe life into a forgotten name like Matilda or Violet, add new luster to a vintage Hollywood appellation as with Harlow or Ava, even switch a name’s gender identity.

For a celebrity baby name to make it big seems to take a combination of parental star power and intrinsic name appeal: Reese Witherspoon’s Ava caught on in a major way, for instance, while son Deacon’s name may be just too quirky or religious for widespread use.

The most influential celebrity baby names right now:

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Bardo (and other celebrity O names)

Sandra Bullock’s choice of Bardo as her newly-adopted son’s middle name puts the spotlight back on the O names – names that begin, end, or otherwise emphasize the letter O.

We’ve always loved the O names and have taken an ever-expanding view of the category since publishing our first name book, Beyond Jennifer & Jason, in which we (shockingly, at the time) declared names that end in O such as Theo and Milo to be “So Far Out They’re In.”

Linda wrote a blog last year on popular O names, ranging from Leo to Inigo, Alessandro to Juno and including such newly-hot not-technically-ending-in-O girls’ choices as Harlow and Margot.

But Bardo wasn’t in there – though it was included on nameberry, as a German saint’s name (he was the 11th century bishop of Mainz) and also an Aboriginal name meaning water.

Bardo is also a Buddhist concept meaning “intermediate state” – significant, many say, because of Bullock’s marital woes and decision to divorce, announced at the same time as her baby’s adoption.

Wikipedia lists the Six Bardos for those who want more illumination on Bardo, as well as other people and places that have a relationship to the name.  In a more earthly realm, David Boreanz named his infant daughter Bardot, as in the surname of French star Brigitte.

Other obscure O names with celebrity connections (how’s that for a nameberry-only subgroup?) include:

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Celebrity Baby Names: Singular Suri

Celebrity Baby Names

Before Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their baby, four years ago this weekend, we made a professional guess on what kind of name they might choose. Something like Ava Rose, we figured, or maybe Sophia Grace. For a boy, the name might be Ethan or Logan.

Something stylish and not all that imaginative, in other words. Names like Isabella or Bella and Connor, the names of Cruise‘s older children.

So we were gobsmacked when Cruise and Holmes announced a truly unusual choice: Suri. No middle name, no explanation: just Suri.

It was a form of Sarah, some said, and also an Iranian or Persian name meaning “red rose.” Plus, the snipers said, it was also Japanese for pickpocket, an Ethiopian tribe, and a breed of alpaca.

But what did Suri really mean?  What were its style implications, its message in, you know, nameberry language?

One of us (I won’t say which one) saw it as a cute, quirky name on the order of Corey or Tali.  The other (again, not saying) thought it was Katie‘s way of saying “sorry.”

Adorable or scary, the bottom line is that Suri has become one of those indelibly one-starbaby names. Unlike Stella and Story, Orion and Romy, Violet and Cruz, the world at large has not rushed to embrace Suri.

That’s not a comment on the star power of little Miss Cruise herself — just, strangely, on her name.

Some other prominent celebrity baby names that have not achieved general fame include:

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