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The first clue about the names of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins came in the form of an unusual document: A trademark application for the newborns’ names. Less than two weeks after giving birth, the couple filed the application to use the names Rumi and Sir on, as People put it, “everything from fragrances and cosmetics to baby gear, tote bags and water bottles.”

While few non-celebrity parents are likely to follow suit, the Carters’ trademark application does raise an interesting question.  In a world where over 350,000 babies are born every day, does it make sense for parents to claim the territory tied to their newborns’ names?

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Tell Us About Your Berry Alias!

Linda and I were talking about our beloved Berries the other day, naturally calling people by their Berry names since for the most part we don’t know their real names, when suddenly dawn broke.

Hey!, we thought.  Here we are, a name site, with lots of regular visitors who are fascinated by names and think and know a lot about the subject, and yet they’re known by names they’ve invented for themselves.  So where did those names come from?

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As a certified UNN (ultimate name nerd), I of course seek out lists of interesting names wherever I go.  But it didn’t occur to me until recently that I was being served up a whole new menu of unusual names almost every other day right on my own computer screen that I’d never really noticed.

Like most of us, I get regular notices on my Facebook page alerting me to People You May Know, followed by an invitation to ‘See all’–not to mention all the frequent ‘X is now friends with’ updates.  Well, one day I did attempt to see all, scrolling through the names of the friends of my friends.  I didn’t make it all the way through (curses on those with 4,000+ friends!), but I did get far enough to come up with some amazing options.

One thing I hadn’t realized is how international my friends and their friends are— representating places as far flung as Switzerland, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and China, which further broadened the spectrum of unusual names.

Here are some that I came up with before my eyes got too bleary to go on–and as far as I could ascertain, these are all real names of real people.























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Cool Middle Names: Find one for Facebook

More people are coming to nameberry these days in search of cool middle names to use on Facebook. The whole give-yourself-a-new-middle-name thing started on Facebook way back in 2008, when supporters of Barack Obama took his middle name Hussein.

Next up: Facebookers began adopting the middle name Equality, to show their support for marriage equality.

Of course, adopting new cool middle names on Facebook is not all altruism.  On a more self-serving level, they can keep snoopy relatives, school administrators, and would-be employers from finding you and your potentially-embarrassing party pictures.

Self-namers in search of a cool cover can check out nameberry’s list of Cool Middle Names. Short and spunky, these names work best for girls. Among the best choices:

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