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Last week we brought you our hottest baby names of 2011: Those choices, from Pippa to Asher to Arlo and Adelaide, that were gaining the most views on Nameberry in the first half of this year.

Now we bring you our full list of Top Names 2011, the 100 most popular for girls and boys as well as the 25 most-searched unisex names, based on Nameberry’s figures for the first six months of the year.

Remember, these are the names that are getting looked at the most on Nameberry, not yet the names people are using the most for their babies. The Social Security Most Popular Names list comes out in May and is based on births the year before, so the most recent data is for 2010.

With our 2011 list, we’re gauging the names that are attracting the most interest right now, which we believe will translate into actual name choices over the coming years. Consider this list a predictor of future baby name trends.

Warning: These lists are really long. But we know the Berries can never get enough.

Here are the Top 100 for girls and boys and the Top 25 unisex names:

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Ssssssh: Here are the Secret Names

Every so often, we hear from a desperate baby-namer who demands to see our list of secret names.  You know, the names so wonderful, so special, that we don’t share them with anyone else.

I love the image of a top-secret name roster locked away like The DaVinci Code.  I imagine such a list within a golden box, encrusted with jewels, hidden deep within the vault of a majestic bank in some exotic city.  Once a year, Linda and I take it out and survey it, making sure all the names on it still really are secret and unique enough to keep literally under armed guard.

But if there were such a list, and we did leak it to a truly tormented name seeker, who then used one of these superlative names, the name would not be secret anymore.  In fact, if it were that amazing, everybody else would immediately start to use it, and soon it would be run-of-the-mill.

Obviously, there’s no list of secret names.  But nameberry has plenty of choices in its database hidden in plain sight, waiting to be discovered.  We’re turning up new ones ourselves all the time.

So here, today’s Top Ten Secret, not-so-secret baby names you may not have come upon in your own explorations but that are definitely worth considering:

For girls —











For boys —











Anybody else discover some great secret names among the more than 50,000 on nameberry?  Want to share?

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