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Animal Baby Names: Rare specimens

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By Dantea, aka Angel Thomas

Animal names seem to be all the rage: Bear, Fox, Wren, and Lark…Not only are there celebrity children with these names, but I see them all over Nameberry. If you’re looking for an animal name but don’t want your daughter to be one of ten Wren’s or your son to be one of five Foxes, then maybe my list of more unusual animal names will help you find something you like.


Brocken – A two-year old stag. Brock was a popular name decades ago, but has since become old and dated. With the popular –en sound at the end,  Brocken might be a way to update Brock and use a nature name other haven’t heard.

Fennec – A nocturnal fox that lives in the Sahara desert. Have you ever seen this fox? If not, you need to–it’s a gorgeous animal. Fennec would make a great name in that it sounds like Finnick, a name from the very popular Hunger Games, and has the trendy Finn sound.

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Forbidden Baby Names: Where to draw the line?

In her Nameberry 9 this week, Appellation Mountain‘s Abby Sandel ponders whether there are some names that cross the line– whether there are such things as forbidden baby names.

This week’s baby name news has me wondering: what makes a name truly off limits?  I don’t mean names that just aren’t your style, but names that actually strike you as inappropriate, even unfair, to give to a child.

It’s a tough line to draw.  Some names are fine until they’re paired with a specific surname, like famed Texas philanthropist Ima Hogg.  Others have associations that are difficult to shake, be they positive or otherwise.  Would you name a child Elmo? Adolf seems like a burden, but what if your beloved grandpa was an Adolf?

Creative respellings put many parents off, while others have negative reactions to surnames, invented names, place names … the list is endless.  But when does it cross the line from not for me, thanks, into who does that?

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Nameberry Nine: Trendy with a twist

This week, in her Nameberry Nine round-up of the latest newsy names, Abby Sandel, of Appellation Mountainlooks at recent celebrity and other interesting name sightings. Also, take advantage of our CyberMonday Nameberry ebook special! Buy our ebooks for just $3.99 today only, in our store.

If you’re an avid follower of all things onomastic, chances are you can spot names evolving in real time.  Emily fades, but Amelie rises.  Quick, list a dozen other options for parents who want something like Emily, but a little different.

Easy, right?

It must be surprising – even overwhelming – to those who haven’t been paying such close attention.  Parents often lament, “We thought that Logan (or Ava or Isaiah) was so different, but now we hear it everywhere.”

Stories of grandparents surprised by the next generations’ names abound, too.  Last week, Nameberry explored the Top 10 Names You’re Going to Have to Explain to Grandma, packed with everything from Brooklyn to Ranger to True.  They all sound novel, even bizarre, if the last time you checked everyone was naming their kids Jennifer and Jason – or Lisa and Mark.

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