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With Rose beginning to wilt from overexposure as a middle name, this might be a good time to look at other roseate options—including the somewhat neglected Rose-as-a-first name itself.  Several of these names have Germanic roots that have nothing to do with the flower, but they all now project the floral scent of the rose.

RoseRose, the fragrant symbol of England and matriarch of this family, predates the other flower names that emerged at the end of the nineteenth century; it was a Top 30 name from 1880 through 1932, when more elaborate and exotic forms of the name came into the picture.  It still ranks quietly at Number 337, just about where it’s been for decades.  Appearing in vehicles ranging from Titanic to The Golden Girls to Harry Potter, to a million old songs, its image has been rejuvenated by younger recent bearers like Rose Byrne and Rose McGowan.

Rosa—The soft and lovely Rosa, an upscale British favorite, as well as a Spanish and Italian standard, was a Top 60 name in the US at the turn of the last century.  The written form of Rose in old Latin documents, Rosa has been used as a name from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Notable namesakes include French painter Rosa Bonheur and Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks; Rosa Dartle is a character in David Copperfield. The change of the final vowel gives it a lot more substance and flow than Rose.

Rosabella is a smoosh name formed in the nineteenth century to mean beautiful rose, and it could become a new member of the Bella bunch. Others are Rosalba, meaning white rose, and Rosellawhich is also the name of a colorful parrot.

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Celebrity Baby Names: Singular Suri

Celebrity Baby Names

Before Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their baby, four years ago this weekend, we made a professional guess on what kind of name they might choose. Something like Ava Rose, we figured, or maybe Sophia Grace. For a boy, the name might be Ethan or Logan.

Something stylish and not all that imaginative, in other words. Names like Isabella or Bella and Connor, the names of Cruise‘s older children.

So we were gobsmacked when Cruise and Holmes announced a truly unusual choice: Suri. No middle name, no explanation: just Suri.

It was a form of Sarah, some said, and also an Iranian or Persian name meaning “red rose.” Plus, the snipers said, it was also Japanese for pickpocket, an Ethiopian tribe, and a breed of alpaca.

But what did Suri really mean?  What were its style implications, its message in, you know, nameberry language?

One of us (I won’t say which one) saw it as a cute, quirky name on the order of Corey or Tali.  The other (again, not saying) thought it was Katie‘s way of saying “sorry.”

Adorable or scary, the bottom line is that Suri has become one of those indelibly one-starbaby names. Unlike Stella and Story, Orion and Romy, Violet and Cruz, the world at large has not rushed to embrace Suri.

That’s not a comment on the star power of little Miss Cruise herself — just, strangely, on her name.

Some other prominent celebrity baby names that have not achieved general fame include:

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