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By Brooke Cussans at Baby Name Pondering

Performers often adopt a stage name – something that is memorable and conveys a particular image, their public persona. This seems to be particularly noticeable with music artists. Actors can hide behind the characters they portray, but a music artist is much more exposed. They are their music, and their public persona can help sell their music and sell tickets to concerts and gigs. And the name they choose to go by can be an important tool to build this persona.

But how do music artists choose a stage name? Here are five examples of current music artists who have used different methods to choose their stage names.

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Disney Channel Names: Zora & Zeke

This week, Appellation Mountain’s Abby Sandel clicks us into the Disney Channel to check out their latest name possibilities.

First there was Bambi.  Then came Ariel and Jasmine and the rest of the Disney princesses.  I’ve yet to meet a baby Nemo, but Sebastian?  I know three.  The average animated Disney character has a pretty decent chance of making an encore appearance on birth certificates as well as a lunchboxes.

But what about all of those other Disney names?  The Disney Channel debuted in 1983.  The appellations from their original series and movies are no less inventive.  The latest Disney flick is Prom, opening nationwide at the end of April.

Not every name is novel.  Hannah had been in the US Top Ten for more than a decade before Hannah Montana arrived on the scene.  Cody, from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, was fading fast when the show premiered in 2005, but is a reasonable choice for a character born in the early 1990s.

Other choices border on the outrageous, like High School Musical’s Sharpay or The Cheetah Girls’ Aquanette.

With millions of tweens and teens tuning in to watch the Disney Channel, chances are that some of these names will inspire future parents.



CeCe – A nickname for Cecelia on new show Shake It Up.

CharlieShort for Charlotte, and the name that inspired the title Good Luck, Charlie.

DorindaAlong with Galleria, Chanel, and Aquanette, one of The Cheetah Girls.

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Not Your Mother’s Baby Names

There’s an entire generation of new baby names that are moving rapidly up the popularity list and that distinguish themselves by being recently minted–and by the fact that grandparents do a double take the first time they hear them. For even if they existed as surnames or place names or occupations, they’ve rarely been used before as first names.  Many of these new baby names are morphed versions of names that were used in another form earlier, while others have been spun from thin air.

Some are clearly celebrity-sourced—as when Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale gave their son a name inspired by their own personal associations with the island of Jamaica—and it wasn’t long before the name Kingston jumped onto the list.  Similarly, the singular name Miley has spread like wildfire with the fame of its onetime exclusive bearer.

Putting aside the legion of offshoots and variations—in rhyming and spelling—of  names related to Riley, Ryan, Bailey, Aiden, Tyler and Tyson, which already seem so 20th century– we’ve come up with a list of some of the most prominent nouveau names.  Although a precise demarcation can’t be drawn, and some of them were coming onto the radar in the 90s, these are the new baby names that definitely have a 21st century feel.

Girls (mostly)


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The Scottish Registry General’s Office has released the country’s most popular names for 2009, showing very little change at the top.  Jack and Sophie remained in first place, and the girls’ list wasn’t so dissimilar to ours, with Olivia, Ava, Emily, Chloe and Emma all in the top ten, along with Lucy, Katie, Amy and Erin.  For the boys, there were long-term Scottish favorites heading the list: Lewis, James, Liam, Logan, Ryan, Cameron and Callum (which would have been higher if merged with the Calum spelling) coming up behind Jack, plus the biblical Daniel and Aaron.

It gets more interesting as you look at some of the names that are rising choices for Scots parents.  One of the biggest leaps was taken by Miley (tailed by Mylea, Mylee, Mylie and Myley), which jumped 190 places, showing Hannah Montana‘s tremendous international clout.  The biggest climber for the boys was Owen, which is also moving up in the US.

Some of the other noteworthy names on the rise in Scotland–showing a persistent preference for nickname names:









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